Gunflint Straight


Size: 52 in
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The Gunflint Trail area has long elicited a sense of adventure for those who have trod its many trails or paddled its many lakes. Countless explorers have entered this gateway to our beloved canoe country and returned satisfied. This spirit, that is alive in every canoeist, steered the design of our Gunflint paddle. The Gunflint has a wide blade and is built to move a lot of water. So, if you seek to ply the water on those days when the wind seems to thwart you with every stroke, this is the paddle for you.

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Wood Type - Wilderness: Western Red Cedar, Aspen, Cherry, & Walnut
Wood Type - Standard: Western Red Cedar & Aspen
Material Type - UltraLight: Western Red Cedar, Aspen & Carbon Fiber
Finish: Shaft and Blade are Epoxied, Varnished and the Grip is Bare
Standard and Wilderness Blades: Fiberglassed
Blade Width (Widest Point):8.25"Blade Length (Tip to Throat):18"
Weight:18.00 Ounces

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