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The Hala Playa is a glide-oriented touring and all-water inflatable SUP best suited for paddlers looking for a rig they will not outgrow as they progress. Fast, without compromising stability, this SUP is also ideal for those seeking a lightweight high-performance design.

While the Playa was initially built with ocean touring in mind, we have found that paddlers feel just as comfortable floating in a mountain lake as crushing miles along the coast. The Playa SUP Kit comes complete with an industry-leading adjustable Lever-Lock Carbon Paddle, a rolling travel backpack, hand pump, fins, and a repair kit making your paddleboard adventure accessible and easy.

Why choose the Playa over our other all-water boards? The Playa uses a more streamlined shape with a more narrow nose to make it noticeably faster without compromising too much stability. Want faster glide, check out the Hala Carbon Playa.


Dimensions: 10'11"x30"x4.75"
Board Weight: 23 lbs
Rider Capacity: 220 lbs
Board Volume: 243L
Included with SUP: Lever-Lock Adjustable Carbon Paddle, Backcountry Rolling Backpack, Hand Pump, Fins and Repair Kit
Fins: 8” Center Flex Fin with 2 removable 4.5” Gummy Side Bite Click Fins
SUP Shape: Dynamic Shape with Surf Rocker with 4.75” Low-Volume Rails
Woven Dropstitch Carbon Construction with patented Carbon Stringer technology and Mechanically Welded Seams
8 Soft Centralized Rigging Points with Bungee Cord and Tail D Ring
Industry-leading 5-Year Warranty


A 1.5” stomp pad allows for precise control and maneuverability of your board.

A sliver of the deck pad is removed from under the handle so that it “steps flat”. No more of your handle getting in the way while you’re walking your line. A removable padded neoprene handle provides comfortability for carrying the board.

A diamond grooved EVA deck pad allows for maximum traction through the gnarliest of whitewater sections while still being gentle enough for the bare hands and feet in your downward dog.

All of Hala's rigging points are now made of high-quality webbing to prevent the knuckle-busting that metal rings cause. And since these webbing rings are designed as close to the center stringer line as possible, you don't have to sacrifice performance when you need to strap heavy gear on board.

An all-around outline pairs with a step-down swallowtail and our RIVER ROCKER profile for stability on heavily weighted expeditions, yet responsiveness and maneuverability when you need it.
Hala’s Surf Rocker features the minimal rise found in the tail of our Glide Rocker and the precise curve found in the nose of our River Rocker. Your center of balance sits farther back to allow the nose to naturally stand tall providing the perfect mixture of speed and maneuverability on the face of any wave!

Tow your board from the D-Ring rigging point located under the nose. This comes in handy on multiday river trips or for tying your board up when you want to take a break.

With one hand, the bungee chord upfront conveniently and quickly holds your paddle when you're doing yoga or reeling in the catch of the day!

All of our Carbon Construction™ SUPs are made with patented Carbon Stringers + Woven Drop Stitch. Rather than others' featherweight carbon technology, we use dual, thick, high-modulus carbon stringers adding extreme rigidity and giving you the speediest glide you'll ever ride.

When weight shifts on the board, the top stringer resists compression and the bottom stringer resists stretching.

So while gliding over the water like a hot knife through butter, on a Hala Gear SUP the rider won't lose momentum with each paddle stroke due to the board caving in the center [deflection]. Our carbon SUPs resist deflection up to 300% better than a non-reinforced SUP.

With more rigidity proven through rigorous deflection testing, you'll get an inflatable SUP that performs like a hardboard in the water, while maintaining the convenience of inflatable portability and durability.

Making a Hala Gear Carbon SUP even more rigid while reducing weight was a tough challenge, but with our woven dropstitch, we've done it. With Hala Gear Carbon Stringers above and below the core, we already are had the most rigid inflatable SUP on the market, but the 2021 premium woven drop stitch core material brings increased rigidity and decreased weight.

These gummy side-bite click fins are flexible and durable for paddling shallow, rocky whitewater and perfect for control on flat water or low volume river waves.

This board includes our classic “surf shape” fin for good tracking and quick reaction.

A rounded tail allows for an even and quick release while touring. When surfing you can expect long drawn-out turns and speed due to the increased surface area.

There’s a big difference between transporting your portable board in a wheelbarrow and lugging it around in a luxury bag that relinquishes limitation. Rolling wheels will take you right up to the check-in counter at the airport and the padded shoulder straps and hip belt allow you to access that hidden waterway beyond where the road ends.

Extra padding provides lumbar support and 5 compression straps hold to make this a compact fit. An improved zipper outline makes stowing your board hassle-free. Roll out in style to your next adventure. 
  • Rolling wheels
  • Extra padded lumbar support
  • Hip belt for extra carrying support
  • Re-designed shoulder straps with added padding
  • Improved zipper line
  • Stow-away cover to protect your shoulder straps
  • 5 x compression straps
  • Super tough woven nylon fabric

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