Ikelos 2pc Straight Carbon


Length: 205 cm
Size: Standard Shaft
Sale price$470.00

Product Details

Ikelos: assistant to the Greek god of dreams

The Werner Ikelos Carbon is an aggressive High Angle design for well conditioned and experienced paddlers who want a durable paddle with a powerful catch and smooth linking strokes.

The Ikelos from Werner is extremely lightweight, durable, powerful and efficient. The full-size blades put more force into a forward vector moving your boat quickly and quietly through the water. The dihedral shape of the blades assist in linking strokes together and providing a powerful catch on each and every stroke. This is the Ferrari of kayak paddles.


  • Full-size blades offer power for well conditional paddlers.
  • Performance Core blades are buoyant, light weight, and durable.
  • Extremely stable bracing and rolling, powerful catch and smooth linking strokes.
  • Ultimate high-angle blade design provides a more powerful catch.
  • Smart-View Adjustable Ferrule looks and feels like a 1-piece paddle.
  • Straight shaft carbon provides a more traditional feeling.
  • Standard and small diameter shaft sizes ensure you get a proper fit.

More info

Surface Area: 710 sq cm
Blade Length x Width: 49 x 20 cm
Weight for 210cm Straight Shaft: 690 g / 24.5 oz

Ikelos from Werner Paddles on Vimeo.

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