Kalliste Bent Shaft


Size: 220 cm
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Product Details

Kalliste: Greek Island, meaning the best

Werner's Kalliste is the ultimate low angle touring paddle offering an exceptionally light buoyant swing weight and silky smooth forward strokes.

The Kalliste's performance core blades have an exceptionally light buoyant feel on the water and silky smooth strokes that make paddling all day long feel effortless. The Kalliste is the ultimate choice for low angle kayakers. Its foam core gives it positive buoyancy, so it just pops out of the water at the end of your stroke without you really thinking about it. Quiet in, quiet out...that allows you to sneak up on wildlife and get the perfect photograph.


  • Mid-size blades offer gentle power and a smooth easy stroke.
  • Performance Core blades are buoyant, lightweight, and quiet.
  • Smooth forward strokes make paddling all day feel effortless.
  • Werner's lightest, most elegant touring design.
  • Low angle paddling is the most common paddling style using a more casual cadence.
  • Smart-View Adjustable Ferrule looks and feels like a 1-piece paddle.
  • Neutral bent shaft carbon naturally aligns wrists to reduce fatigue.
  • Standard and small diameter shaft sizes ensure you get a proper fit.

More info

Surface Area: 650 sq cm
Blade Length x Width: 52 x 16 cm
Weight for 220cm Neutral Bent Shaft: 752 g / 26.5 oz

Kalliste from Werner Paddles on Vimeo.

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