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The most up-to-date, inspiring, and helpful guide to kayak surfing ever published, Kayak Surfing is a modern and visually dynamic resource by a leading expert in the sport. From basic principles to surfing etiquette, advanced technique, and the psychology and philosophy of ocean wave riding, this book covers it all.

Stunning photographs from pioneering sessions across the globe―from Cornwall in the United Kingdom, to South Africa, to Tahiti―fill the book. Bill Mattos' conversational style and clear explanations, further ensure that Kayak Surfing is, hands-down, the only book on the subject worth having―whether for experienced surfers or those yet to make the leap into the surf.

Throughout the book are stunning photos of author Bill Mattos and other top kayak surfers in action, many from pioneering surfing ventures across the globe―from Cornwall in the United Kingdom, to South Africa, to Tahiti. Mattos' conversational style and clear explanations further ensure that Kayak Surfing is a must―whether you're an experienced surfer or have yet to make the leap. It will have you pushing the boundaries, pulling off the latest moves, towing into ever more implausible wave faces . . . and traveling to ever more remote reaches of the earth in search of adventure.

What's Inside

Look inside to find:

  • What you'll need
  • Where to start
  • Getting to the wave (before it gets to you)
  • Taking off
  • Ride direction
  • Simple turns
  • Controlling speed
  • The kayak surfer's Ten Commandments
  • Core moves
  • Racing ahead
  • Carving around
  • Tucking under
  • Workin' it
  • Surviving
  • Rip till you die
  • Radical moves
  • The mystical stuff
  • Training & fitness
  • Preparation
  • Competition
  • Gear and clothing

About the Author

Bill Mattos has written numerous books and hundreds of magazine articles, mostly on outdoor sport and other adventure related matters. He is well known as an expert kayaker, canoeist and SUPer, slowly fulfilling an ambition to paddle on every continent and in every ocean. He's competed in a wide variety of disciplines, including to World Championship level in Kayak Freestyle and Pilot Gig Racing, has won National and Eurocup events including several times the prestigious Bitches Rodeo in Wales, and has surfed the fearsome Teahupo'o wave in French Polynesia, which had never before been ridden by kayakers. Bill has worked as an engineer, rigger, designer, stuntman, actor, model, company director, photographer and videographer, all providing varied input and inspiration for his first love of writing. His kayaking books have been consistently among the bestselling on Amazon, with his Kayaking Handbook hitting the #1 spot on more than one occasion. Bill currently lives Cornwall where he can be found on the water almost every day. For more information check out billmattos.com

More Info

Title Kayak Surfing (How to Paddle Series)
Author Bill Mattos
ASIN 0762750839
Publisher Falcon Guides; First edition (May 5, 2009)
Language  English
Format Paperback
Length 80 pages
ISBN-10 9780762750832
ISBN-13 978-0762750832
Item Weight 13.3 ounces
Dimensions  6 x 0.25 x 9 inches

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