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"I kind of learned to fish on accident - at least that’s how I remember it. My wife was in France for college and despite our best efforts we couldn’t seem to get the exchange rate right. That’s when a friend loaned me a fishing rod and invited me out on the water. He said it was a cheap hobby and that’s exactly what I needed. That chance outing started a slippery slope that changed my life forever. This book follows my 8-year angling journey. That slippery slope lead to a popular blog, a podcast, and some ProStaff deals. It also lead to many hardships, injuries, and broken fishing rods. The 42 stories in this book follow the author through a year on the water. Many species are pursued, some are caught, and most offer tips and tricks if you read between the lines. I hope you enjoy this journey and remember, Keep CASTING." -Israel Dunn

    About the Author

    Israel didn’t grow up fishing, but you wouldn’t know it. His passion and drive for the sport of angling are contagious. He’s a pro-kayak angler and land-based fishing enthusiast located in Madison, WI. As a writer and photographer his work has appeared in Midwest Outdoors,, Outdoors First Media,, Bronzeback Angler, and Catch The Vibe Outdoors. In 2016 Israel created the bi-weekly fishing podcast Human Powered Angling where he answers listeners' questions while offering tips, tricks, and tactics to help other anglers catch their favorite species of fish. An in-demand speaker, you can catch his seminars at various events around the midwest.

    More Info

    Title Keep Casting: An Angler's Tales
    Author Israel Dunn
    Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1st edition (January 27, 2018)
    Language  English
    Format Paperback
    Length 182 pages
    ISBN-10 1981255052
    ISBN-13 978-1981255054
    Item Weight 7.2 ounces
    Dimensions  5 x 0.46 x 8 inches

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