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The LowDown Remote Stove Adapter is an upgrade for your canister stove or stove system, allowing it to do more than you ever thought possible. It can turn your tiny, ultralight stove into a group cooking pro or transform a tall stove system into a non-tippy coffee machine on your camp table. The foldout legs create a wide, super stable base that significantly lowers your stove height, providing increased stability on uneven ground or when cooking around young campers. It also allows stoves of nearly any size to support larger pots and pans with ease, whether for gourmet meals or cooking for large groups (PocketRocket, meet a 2.5L pot). The LowDown’s remote valve and fuel line move the flame control away from the stove and pot, making cooking adjustments easier and more secure (no sticking your hand under a full, boiling pot). And it folds up nice and compact for easy stowing whether you’re backpacking with friends or base camping with the family.

Extra Stuff

  • Stable: Low, wide and strong base lowers your stove for more stability on uneven ground or around kids and pets
  • Remote Control: Off-stove flame control keeps hands away from burner and hot cookware
  • Versatile: Use large pots on a small stove for easier group or gourmet cooking
  • Compact: Folding legs and flexible fuel line pack small for easy stowing
  • Durable: Made of strong, corrosion-resistant stainless steel
  • Lightweight: Weighs 2 oz (176 g), light enough for both backcountry and frontcountry pursuits
  • Compatible: Works with all* MSR canister-fuel stoves and stove systems (*excluding SuperFly™ stove)

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