Nessmuk Ultra Light


Size: 48 in
Sale price$245.00

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Our Nessmuk bent shaft is crafted with one thing in mind - saving weight. We've employed western red cedar throughout with a carbon-fiber backed blade to achieve one of the lightest wooden paddles you'll ever find. Nessmuk was the pen-name for George Washington Sears, a writer for Field and Stream magazine and author of Woodcraft in the late 1800s, who helped popularize canoeing and the movement towards ultra-light canoe camping. He was a tough 103 lb. man, with a canoe named the Sairy Gamp, and we would like to think he would have appreciated this paddle: your arms definitely will.

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Wilderness Paddle Weight:~ 19 oz
Standard Paddle Weight:~ 16 oz
Lightweight Paddle Weight:~ 13 oz
Blade Length (Tip to Throat):15"
Blade Width (Widest Point):7.75"
Weight:13.00 Ounces

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