Build: Blacklite - Carbon Gunwales - Clear
Sale price$4,445.00

Product Details

If we had to choose a single word to describe the Polaris, we would choose the word efficient. Just under 17 feet, this is a sweet paddling boat, a little livelier than the Northwind 17, but dang, she paddles sweet.

The Polaris accelerates quickly and offers a lively paddling experience. Skilled paddlers raved about the performance of its predecessor and we named our company after it. The Polaris is the narrowest of our tandems, making it an ideal canoe to paddle solo from a center seat.


Length: 16 ft 9 in
Max Width: 34.5 in
Weight: 32 lb  -  60 lb
Bow Rocker: 2.5 in
Stern Rocker: 1.5 in

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