Prospector 15 Combi


Build: Carbon Fusion - Removeable Seats - Sassafras Yoke - Carbon Foot Brace - Weave
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We pride ourselves in having a wide selection of make and models to choose from at Rutabaga, but that means that we sometimes don't have specific models or colors shown on our sales floor. If you want to come and check out a specific boat on our sales floor, please call or email us in advance to set up a viewing appointment. If we don't have the exact make and model you're after on the floor, it could take 45 minutes or more to retrieve that specific boat from our warehouses.

Quick and maneuverable in a solo position, and smooth and stable as a tandem, this lightweight canoe just got a beautiful upgrade.

With a centre seat in the balance point for quick and efficient high-volume solo tripping, and with tandem canoe seats for trips with a partner, you can outfit your equipment to suit your trip. Add a detachable yoke for the balance point to make portaging quick and easy. For paddlers who enjoy solo tripping and require space and volume, or for tandem trippers who want to keep their options open, Swift Combi canoes offer the benefits of multiple boats in one efficient design.


Length: 15 ft
Max Width: 36 in
Weight: 36 lb  -  45 lb
Bow Rocker: 1 in
Stern Rocker: 1 in

Build Options


Expedition Kevlar
A strong, lightweight laminate for wilderness trippers who demand tremendous strength and durability.

Swift Expedition Kevlar canoes are built with an exterior coating of clear marine gel coat with layers of Kevlar fabric, Basalt cloth derived from volcanic rock, and high modulus polypropylene Innegra fiber. These layers and pieces sandwich a durable foam core and rib system, creating a long lasting laminate capable of greater elongation and elasticity without failure than any other composite laminate. Fused together with a high impact, flexible Epoxy Vinylester resin system that contains an Ultraviolet Ray (UV) inhibitor.

The Expedition Kevlar laminate is available in clear coat or with interior and exterior gel coat.

Kevlar Fusion
Our most popular canoe laminate with our highest strength to weight ratio.

Swift Kevlar Fusion canoes are built with an outside layer of a clear marine grade gel coat with Polyester, S-glass and Kevlar cloth layers sandwiching a durable foam core and rib system. The laminate is fused together with a high impact, flexible Epoxy Vinylester resin system.

The Kevlar Fusion laminate is available with our vibrant color cloth finish or solid color gel coat finish.

Kevlar Fusion - Kayak
Ideal for paddlers that demand a high strength, lightweight boat for day paddling and touring.

Swift Kevlar Fusion kayaks are constructed with layers and pieces of S-glass and Kevlar cloth sandwiching a high performance, marine foam core. The laminate is fused together with a flexible, impact resistant Epoxy Vinylester Resin creating a kayak that has our highest strength to weight ratio ever. Kevlar Fusion kayaks come standard with Coloured Decks and Champagne gel coat on the hull. The hulls can also have a clear gel coat finish at no additional charge.


Hard-anodized strength aluminum gunwales, finished with durable ABS end caps. This trim system is light, strong and attractive.

Carbon Kevlar
Our unique process enables us to infuse the canoe hull and gunwales as one part by creating a bond between the hull and trim. Lightweight, stunning and maintenance free.

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