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Portage your 60L or 30L canoe barrel comfortably and securely with this harness from the design collaboration of Recreational Barrel Works and Ostrom Outdoors – a graduate from miles of experience on the roughest portage trails. You have found a harness designed to work hard and perform up to the highest expectations. The Expedition Barrel Harness is designed to fit most body sizes and features generous padding on the shoulder straps, hip-belt and back-pad between you and the barrel. Other advantages this harness has are features like a longer hi-viz shoulder tension adjustment strap which is easier to reach when wearing the harness. This harness also has a webbing strap across the top of the barrel to secure your load and serves as a place for extra clothing layers or your PFD while on the portage. Price is for harness only.


  • Fits a 60L or 30L barrel.
  • Extra comfy padded shoulder straps and hip belt.
  • Generous padding on the back pad and lumbar area.
  • 4 accessible grab loops make it easy to handle.
  • A long shoulder-strap tension adjustment strap which is easy to reach when wearing the harness.
  • Rugged/durable connection of shoulder straps to the harness body to prevent failure.
  • Webbing across the top of the barrel prevents accidentally opening and also a handy place for extra clothing or PFD on the portage.
  • Easy to change the straps from a 60L barrel to a 30L barrel and back again
  • A straps under the barrel for carrying square loads or straight-sided barrels.
  • Volume: Fits 30L and 60L barrels
  • Material: 1000 Denier Nylon
  • Weight: 0.9 kg/2 lbs
  • Colour: Black

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