Waterproof Canoe Pack Liner XL


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The Recreational Barrel Works Waterproof Canoe Pack Dry Bag Liner is an easy way to waterproof all your gear inside your pack at once by putting this canoe pack liner inside. A durable and light waterproof fabric unlike the heavyweight of PVC bags.


  • This huge liner fits all canoe packs, even the biggest ones.
  • Roll the top ~ Tie half a knot ~ Buckle Close.
  • Taped seams and reinforced stress areas.


Huge! Fits packs 65-140L / 3966 – 8543 cu.in.
70 Denier waterproof coated honeycomb ripstop nylon

Height: 125cm / 49in.
Length: 50cm / 19.75in.
Side Panel Width: 28cm / 11in
Weight: 336 gm / 12 oz
Colour: Bright Yellow


This waterproof liner is an XL dry bag for the inside of your pack and will handle all-day rain or a spill in the rapids. Designed to be much taller than your pack ensures you can get lots of rolls to seal the contents before finishing with a simple half knot and clicking the bucket together to seal the deal.

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