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    Re-enter your kayak with ease and confidence. Our Rescue Stirrup uses sinking webbing to position the loop for your foot and a neoprene cuff to keep the rest on top. This is the perfect aid to help you get you back in your boat and paddling again.

    • High Visibility Yellow webbing is easy to see in murky water
    • Easily adjusts to the right length for quick re-entry
    • Webbing can be marked for specific adjustment to faster re-entries
    • Neoprene cuff keeps the stirrup afloat and neatly wraps for secure storage
    • Large thumb hook attaches easily to deck lines or PFD for secure rapid access


    Webbing: 1" Nylon
    Length: 14ft
    Weight: 135g

    Yellow Nylon Webbing
    Acetal Tension Lock
    Plastic Thumb Hook

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    This Rescue Stirrup assists you back into your sea/touring kayak after you have capsized. Essential for paddlers that do not know how to roll, are tired, or lack the upper body strength to lift themselves onto the deck of the boat. The 14-foot adjustable length provides a wide variety of attachment options for self-rescue and assisted rescues. Once attached it creates a step to lift you into the re-entry position.

    Built from high visibility nylon webbing
    Quick Slide adjustment buckle
    Neoprene wrap provides flotation
    Clip attaches it securely to deck lines or PFD
    Quick to roll up and store


    Paddle shaft stirrup rescue (solo or assisted)
    Place your paddle float on the end of your paddle and loop the stirrup around the other end of the paddle shaft. Place the paddle over the top of your deck just behind the cockpit coaming and drop the stirrup into the water on the other side of the kayak. Now reach under the kayak, grab the stirrup, bring it out of the water and wrap it around the paddle shaft making sure to pass the last wrap underneath the one before to keep it from sliding down the paddle shaft. The end of the stirrup line now hangs down to create the step. Once it is in place you can adjust the length of the loop by pulling the webbing through the adjustment buckle. Place your foot into the loop and lift yourself onto the rear deck to re-enter your cockpit.

    Coaming loop (solo or assisted)
    After you have your paddle float in place, wrap the stirrup around your cockpit coaming. Once in place adjust the stirrup to your height by pulling the webbing through the adjustment buckle. You can now place your foot in the loop and lift yourself into the re-entry position.

    Paddle wedge (assisted)
    The paddle wedge method is used with two kayaks alongside one another. First loop the stirrup around the middle of the paddle shaft; the paddle is then submerged between two kayaks and turned so the paddle is perpendicular to the kayaks under the water. The stirrup comes up between the two kayaks and is draped over the swamped kayak and hangs down to create the step for the swimmer. While the rescuer holds onto the cockpit coaming of the swamped boat to stabilize the two kayaks, the swimmer places their foot closest to the paddle shaft into the loop and they lift themselves onto the rear deck to re-enter the cockpit.

    Note: The length of the stirrup will vary depending on the method used, size of the kayak and the size of the kayaker. Once familiar with the various lengths you can mark the webbing with a permanent marker for quick reference.

    Care Instructions
    Clean salt, sand and grit after use with fresh water
    Do not store the product in damp conditions
    Inspect the product for damage both before and after use
    Do not abuse or apply undue stress to the product
    Do not expose the product to long hours of direct sunlight
    Identify your name on the product in case of loss

    This product has been designed to enhance your paddling experience, but remember that, as with any other piece of equipment used in a water environment, it has its limitations, restrictions and potential dangers. It has been designed for use in water conditions that require experience and skill. We strongly urge against using this product if you do not possess the skills necessary to recognize the dangers of such conditions. Upon purchasing North Water equipment the purchaser/user assumes all risks of injury or damage to himself, herself, or others as well as loss or damage to any property. In purchasing/using these products (s)he agrees to hold harmless North Water Holdings Ltd., their officers, employees, agents, and representatives from any liability for injury or damage of any kind that may be suffered by the purchaser or others through the use of these products whether caused through negligence or otherwise.

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