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 The RVR is absolutely LOADED with features that aim to give you a distinct fishing advantage on the water. Let’s start with the ability to add fully integrated dual Anchor Wizards. The Anchor Wizard system allows you to quickly drop the anchor and retract the anchor. The RVR has two internally run tubing ports that keep your anchor lines in the hull of the kayak to prevent snags. The bow had an integrated roller for making the anchor quiet and easy to deploy and retract. On the stern there is a dedicated area for a drag chain to rest or an additional anchor ball to hang. Having dual anchoring options allows you to face up or down stream in current. The RVR Anchor Wizard Single and Double kit are available for purchase.<br><br>


    <li>RVR Seat with trim adjustment</li>
    <li>Quiet anchor bow retraction and stern drag chain channels</li>
    <li>Integrated Anchor Wizard pulley landings</li>
    <li>Integrated Torqeedo throttle landing</li>
    <li>Rudder capable footbrace landings (for motorizing)</li>
    <li>Fully removable SS Pod system for sonar or storage</li>
    <li>Full rod tip and rod butt organization for on water and for safe transport</li>
    <li>Bullwinkle Rod tip catch/organizer</li>
    <li>Ketch board storage position</li>
    <li>Ketch board safe spot measuring position</li>
    <li>Multiple grab handle carrying positions</li>
    <li>Multiple flush mount positions</li>
    <li>Blackpack capable 16x16 and 16x13</li>
    <li>Da Bomb and Tightline capable</li>
    <li>Garmin, Lowrance, Humminbird, Raymarine</li>


Length: 11 ft 9 in
Max Width: 35 in
Weight: 85 lb

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