Collapsible X-Brew Coffee Dripper


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The Sea To Summit X-Brew™ is a collapsible coffee dripper with a reusable mesh filter. Its compact size and two-cup capacity offer an excellent addition to your outdoor camp kitchen. In addition, it fits neatly inside the X-Kettle™, along with an X-Mug™ to create the ultimate outdoor caffeination kit.


  • Makes up to 2 cups of coffee
  • Made from durable Nylon 66 and food-grade silicone
  • No need for paper filters with the reusable stainless steel double mesh filter
  • Filter mesh is super-fine with 180-micron holes for thorough straining of coffee grounds
  • If the use of a paper filter is preferred, the mesh can be easily removed and a paper filter used instead
  • The spiral pattern on the internal base is designed to break the surface tension of paper filters and create a more consistent drip speed
  • Fits on wide-mouthed water bottles for coffee on the go
  • Fits inside X-Pot/Kettle and all other X-Pots

Is the X-Brew Coffee Dripper...?

  • Dishwasher safe? Yes. The X-Brew can safely be washed in a dishwasher – remove the stainless steel filter first and place this in the dishwasher cutlery basket or wash separately.

  • The right size to fit on top of an X-Mug? Close. The base of the X-Brew is only just larger than the rim of an X-Mug. It can be used on an X-Mug, but care is needed to make sure it does not tip over.

  • Useable if the filter becomes lost or damaged? As mentioned in the ‘Features’ section, the X-Brew will work with paper filters.


Like all materials used in Sea to Summit cookware products, the heat-resistant silicone used in the X-Series is BPA-free. It is certified to both EU and FDA food grade standards, which signifies very low absorption of external materials. It is also heat resistant to 440­ºF and doesn't crack in the cold


These products are all Bisphenol-a (BPA) free, which means you can have peace of mind while eating and drinking from these products. BPA-free means that they're a bit more environmentally friendly too!

Tech Specs

Product Details

Best Use: Backpacking, Camping, Overland, Bike Touring
Material(s): Flexible food-grade silicone & Stainless-steel mesh filter


  One Size
2 Cups
3.5 in / 9 cm
4 in / 10 cm
2.9 oz / 85g

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