Hydraulic Dry Bag


Size: 65 Liter
Color: Yellow
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Product Details

The Hydraulic™ Dry Bag is the burliest dry bag we make. It is designed for demanding conditions where rough and tough treatment is to be expected. The 600D heavy-duty abrasion-resistant TPU laminated fabric and RF welded construction throughout give the Hydraulic its superior strength. The interlocking non-wicking roll-top makes it easier to close the large format closure, and RF welded lash loops provide secure attachment points. An oval base means the dry bag won’t roll away when you set it down. All models use our Field Repair Buckles, which can be replaced in seconds using a Philips screwdriver.


  • 600D TPU-laminated waterproof fabric - high-performance abrasion-resistant fabric
  • Non-wicking TPU roll-top closure with an innovative interlocking profile that is relatively easy to roll and secure
  • Welded construction for permanently sealed waterproof seams
  • Durable UV resistant PVC free fabric withstands cold temperatures
  • Heavy-duty lash loops for secure attachment
  • Oval base to resist rolling
  • Features the patent-pending 1in | 25mm Field Repair Buckle with stainless steel pins



It'll survive its own solo trip down Alaskan river rapids


It can handle splashes all day, and very brief submersions

Best Use

Paddle/Water Sports, Canyoneering, Basecamp

What this bag could hold

20 liter: a larger tent canopy and footprint, general gear for a paddle trip
35 liter: general outdoor or paddle gear for a longer trip
65 liter: general paddle or overland gear for a larger group

Are Hydraulic Dry Bags...?
  • Suitable for paddle sports? Absolutely. The tough TPU laminate is perfectly suited to watersports use, even in environments where sharp/abrasive surfaces may be present.

  • Waterproof? The fabric is more than adequately waterproof (10,000 mm hydrostatic head) – just avoid submersion, as water can seep through the roll-top closure of any dry bag.

  • Suitable for canyoneering? Yes and no. Canyoneering is extremely hard on equipment – a Hydraulic Dry Bag is unlikely to survive more than a couple of seasons without needing to be retired.

Tech Features

The burliest fabric in all of Sea to Summit's products, this is constructed similarly to our Stopper fabric but has a few key differences. The Hydraulic fabric starts with a 600 Denier carrier fabric, then has TPU laminated to both sides of it to create an unstoppable waterproof, abrasion, and puncture resistant fabric. With two full and separate layers of TPU, you have some built-in redundancy against holes from abrasion. This fabric is also UV stabilized and won't crack in the cold.


Thermoplastic Urethane (TPU) is a PVC-free material used in a number of functional areas within Sea to Summit products:

  1. As an airproof barrier in our Air-Sprung Cell™ and Self-Inflating mats. Here it is used in a liquid-extruded format – the TPU bonds to the face fabric for the highest possible level of reliability.
  2. As a waterproof barrier in our Accessory Guide Cases and Map Cases; and in several models of our Dry Sacks. Here it is used in a film format, where its superior flexibility (even in cold weather) and waterproofness are key.
  3. As a waterproof barrier in the Nylon Folding Bucket. This particular film is also food grade – ideal for water storage.
  4. As a transparent window in View Dry Sacks and Travelling Light products – allowing you (and TSA inspectors) to see the contents.

This product is free of any Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). This means that the production process is significantly more environmentally friendly, and the disposal of the product at the end of its life will also not burden the environment. With advances in modern polymers, it also means there's no reduction in performance.

Tech Specs


BEST USE: Paddle/Water Sports, Canyoneering, Basecamp

CLOSURE: Non-wicking TPU roll top closure with innovative interlocking profile that is secure and waterproof

MATERIAL(S): 600D TPU-laminated heavy duty nylon fabric

MEASUREMENT: Length - measured with roll-top closure open Volume - measured with closure rolled 3 times

REPAIR BUCKLE SIZE: 1in | 25mm (2-Pin)

SHAPE: Cylindrical with oval base to resist rolling

WATERPROOF: Yes, in situations where the dry bag will not be submerged

  20 Liter 35 Liter 65 Liter
11 x 7 x 24 in / 27 x 17 x 60 cm
13 x 8 x 28 in / 33 x 21 x 70 cm
14 x 10 x 33.5 in / 38 x 25 x 85 cm
Gear Capacity (L) 20L 35L 65L
16.3 oz / 464g
20.3 oz / 575g
28.4 oz / 807g

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