Ultra-Sil Outhouse


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The Ultra-Sil™ Outhouse is perfect for keeping your toilet paper clean and dry. The Outhouse is constructed of Ultra-Sil™ with a nylon cord to allow you to hang the outhouse from a tree branch. The toilet roll is held by an internal rod, which snaps open to replace the roll.  Ideal for group use, the Outhouse can be kept centrally for both easy access and as a vacant/ occupied sign.


  • Toilet paper is suspended inside by a stiffening rod that allows the paper to dispense smoothly
  • All seams are fully taped sealed
  • Nylon cord so it can be hung from your neck or from a tree branch


DIMENSIONS (L X W X H): 10 x 4 x 7.5 in
PACKED SIZE: 6 x 1.5 in
WEIGHT: 2.6 oz / 70g

Staff Review

Ethan says:

"Look, you gotta be prepared for when the time comes. The toilet paper bag always goes on the top of the pack along with the trowel and hand sanitizer, and you pray that it doesn't get wet. Have no fear, though, because you put it in a highly visible red dry bag. Right? You put it in the highly visible dry bag, right?"

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