Rutabaga Cockpit Seal


Size: 1.2
Sale price$46.95

Product Details

Seals makes a durable and dependable cockpit cover to tightly fit just about every boat out there. The Cockpit Seal is made from superior UV-resistant nylon fabric that will stand up to years of abuse from the sun. A Grip-tex shockcord sleeve holds the cover securely to the kayak's rim. One clever feature is a security strap that keeps your cover connected to the boat during transit. Finally, a cover that won't quit.

As a side note, this might be the best selling item at Rutabaga. If you have a kayak, this is something you'll want to have, period.


  • Tear-resistant nylon material
  • Superior UV protection
  • Grip shockcord attachment to the rim
  • Double-stitched seams
  • Security strap
  • Rutabaga logo
For finding the correct size for your boat, use Seal's Skirt Fitter.

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