Two Piece Kayak Paddle Bag


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Transporting your gear while keeping it safe and protected has just gotten easier. Seals has designed a Two-Piece Kayak Paddle Bag that holds two take apart paddles up to 240 cm. This bag is made of Seals Duro-Quilt fabric, inside and out. There is a full-length lockable zipper, web handles, a center divider, and detachable shoulder strap to keep your paddles secure, protected at your side or at your shoulder. Easy to store and carry as you travel to distant places or close to home with convenience over and over again.


  • Protects paddles when traveling
  • Easy to store, locate and carry
  • Seals Duro-Quilt paddle bag fabric inside and out
  • Full length lockable zipper (luggage lock not included)
  • Holds two take apart paddles (240 cm max)

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