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The Malone SeaWing™ is ideal for the kayaker looking for a simple transport solution that is easy to install and use. Compatible with most sea and recreational kayaks, there is no requirement to lift the entire boat at any time. Simply position the front of the kayak on the rear of the vehicle; move to the rear of the kayak and push it up to load. To better protect the vehicle and help with loading and unloading your kayak, the optional Malone Channel Loader, Telos or Stinger Load Assist Modules can be purchased separately. 

Mid-point mounting provides more rooftop space than other carriers on the market and is designed to never scratch or dent your boat. The hardware fits round, square and most factory oval cross bars without the use of tools. Saddles are constructed with non-corrosive poly-carbon and nylon to insure a rust free and long life. Features include universal fit mounting hardware and Lifetime Limited Warranty.


    • Low profile design for garage clearance
    • Corrosion resistant nylon construction
    • Simple "no tools" installation
    • Universal fit Jawz mounting hardware
    • 50mm and 60mm mounting bolts (Longer bolts available in Accessories)
    • 11' Cam style load straps with buckle protectors
    • Bow & stern safety tie-downs
    • Lifetime Limited Warranty


    • Weight: 11.6 lb
    • Length: 27.5"
    • Width: 6"
    • Height: 4.5"
    • Load capacity: 75lb per boat


    • Always refer to Malone’s Fit Guide for proper, correct and approved vehicle fit.
    • Bow and stern safety tie-downs are required for all Malone rooftop transport(s). Failure to correctly install and use safety tie-down lines voids all warranty and liability.
    • Carefully review instructions and register your warranty prior to first time use.
    • Malone carriers come with two lengths of mounting bolts in order to achieve the best cross bar fit. Retain unused bolts for future use with different cross bars.
    • The carrier base has a rectangular "cutout" for square cross bar fit. The "cutout" will not affect the fit or function when installed to round or oval cross bars.
    • Optional longer length mounting bolts sold separately
    • Optional Telos Kayak Load Assist sold separately.

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    What's in the Box?

    • (2) SeaWing Cradles
    • (2) Jawz Kits with Mounting Hardware
    • (2) 11' Cam Buckle Load Straps
    • (2) Bow and Stern Lines
    • (1) Instruction Manual

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