All-Terrain Super Duty Airless Cart


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This is the only cart on the market truly engineered for ALL hull types, large watercraft & heavy loads!

Wheel clearance for unique hull Types - Extra tall Bunker Bars adjust to 5 positions to fit Flat, V-shaped, and Tunnel Hulls!


Extended height Bunker Bars provide much-needed lift between hull & cart wheels on V-shaped, tunnel/catamaran, flat bottom, etc.

5 bunker bar positions to fit standard and unique hull shapes:
- 9" width*, 2" wheel clearance
- 11-1/2" width*, 3-3/4" wheel clearance
- 12-1/2" width*, 4" wheel clearance
- 19" width*, 4" wheel clearance
- 20" width*, 4" wheel clearance
* measured from the center point of the bunker bar

- Kick Stand is shorter than the wheel so when the watercraft is loaded on the cart - the load goes to the wheels allowing the kickstand to release easily!
- Single spring-loaded kickstand for easy & stable loading
- Dual Strap System for stable transport of unique hull types with 4 UV protected cam-buckle tie-down straps
- Strap Lengths: 53" buckle end & 66" long end
- NO "Load Shifting" - 4-point strap placement secures the load.
- Premium and now stronger 15" Mag-Lite wheels with Airless "No-Flat" tires.
- Steel Sealed Wheel Bearings
- The boat rests on oversized, upgraded heavy-duty foam padding with a durable rugged cover.
- Steel Frame with dark titanium hammer-tone powder coating
- Stainless steel hardware and 4 locking pins & wire tether for bunker bars
- Folds flat for easy storage & transport: 31" x 16" x 6"
- Overall size: 31" x 16" x 18"
- 300 lbs weight capacity
- Cart weighs 17 lbs.

Included in box:
1 Cart Frame with Oversized Bunker Bars
4 Locking Pins with tether for Bunker Bar positioning
2 Airless Mag-Lite Wheels
2 Sets of Tie-Down Cam-Buckle Straps

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