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Suspenz® is Simply Better by Design™ - Our patented and most popular storage rack, and for good reason - it's our top of the line! Features our convenient load-assist pivot arm for easy one-person loading and unloading. The Deluxe Kayak Storage Rack suspends your watercraft on straps for the ultimate in protection!


Available in both Marine Grade or Standard Grade:
- Standard Grade Black with Yellow Pivot Arm for both outdoor and indoor use is powder-coated steel.
- Suspension Strap System eliminates pressure points and protects against hull distortion
- Rectangle Steel Tubing allows secure flush mounting to wall
- Compatible with Free-Standing Frames
- Extends 22" from the wall, Height 24”
- Load-assist pivot arms make kayak or canoe storage and unloading an easy one-person job
- Store kayaks & boards on their side at their strongest point
- Adjustable to fit the depth, width, and length on any kayak, fishing kayak, or canoe
- Powder-coated Rectangular Tubing for secure flush mount
- Safety straps securely hold your boat in place
- Great for indoor and outdoor use
- Stores boats up to 125 lbs
- Moves easily between multiple storage locations with the use of Quick Release Wall Bracket

Included in Deluxe Kayak Storage Rack box:
- 2 Storage Arms with Safety Straps
- Wall Mounting Hardware

Box size:
25" x 22" x 5"

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