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Load and go quickly with this super easy-to-use cart. Simply position the stern of your boat on the cart and off you go. Upgraded oval tubing offers effortless height adjustment for a perfect fit to your boat. These kayak wheels and carts are available in Large and Extra Large.


- Easy to use- just load and go
- 10" premium never-flat airless wheels
- No straps required - quick loading
- Boat rests on Neoprene covered foam pad
- Oval 7000-T7 powder-coated aluminum frame
- 150 lb weight capacity
- Additional kayak wheels available for sale

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“Which End Cart is right for my kayak?”
If your Kayak is greater than 80 lbs. Suspenz recommends a CENTER Cart which carries all the weight. An END Cart carries about half of the weight, much like when two people carry the kayak
The great thing about an END Cart is it only takes 15 seconds to load the kayak
The Large adjusts to a vertical opening of 12” to 18”
The width of the opening between the legs is 19”

Short answer:
If your kayak is less than 28” wide at the center, Large is the correct size
If the kayak is less than 20” wide at the center, these End Carts are not suitable.

The longer exact answer:
The cart will ideally rest about 20% of the way on to the kayak.
Measure the length of the kayak and multiply by 20%. For example, if the kayak is 12 ft long, then 0.2 x 12ft is 2.4 ft (2 ft 5 inch).
Now measure the width of the kayak 2 ft 5 inch in from the end where you want to place the cart.
If this width is less than 19”, the Large is the right fit.
If the kayak is less than 20” wide at the center, these End Carts are not suitable.

Included in box:
1 Yellow Aluminum Cart
2 Airless kayak carrier wheels with hardware

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