The New Trailside Cookbook | 100 Delicious Recipes for the Camp Chef


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An essential cookbook packed with easy, lightweight, high-energy, gourmet recipes and comprehensive outdoor cooking information for hikers, day-trippers, canoeists and wilderness campers.

The New Trailside Cookbook is the result of a unique partnership between canoe enthusiast Kevin Callan and food and nutrition consultant Margaret Howard. With Margaret creating delicious, healthy recipes for the camp kitchen and Kevin providing the how-to information, it is a perfect match -- like having Red Green and Julia Child outside with you. Say goodbye to bland, canned meals and hello to satisfying, fireside dishes. This comprehensive book covers everything from making great camp coffee to variations of GORP (Good Old Raisins and Peanuts), from foraging for wild edibles to mastering meals after the ice melts to living off the land. Hikers, kayakers, day-trippers, wilderness, and interior campers alike will find options and advice in this handy, pocket-sized guide.

Recipes clearly indicate what preparation can be done at home, making cooking at camp quick and easy. Dehydrated options (and detailed instructions) are listed for campers outstaying their cooler's capacity.

    About the Authors

    Kevin Callan is a Canadian canoe enthusiast, media personality, and author of thirteen books, including the bestselling The Happy Camper and "A Paddler's Guide To" series. For more than 25 years, Kevin has spoken and given keynote presentations at major canoe and wilderness events across North America.

    Margaret Howard is a registered dietitian, and a food and nutrition consultant. She is the author of The Complete Book of Small-Batch Preserving, The 250 Best 4-ingredient Recipes, and All Fired Up: Outdoor and Indoor Grilling.

    What's Inside

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    Title The New Trailside Cookbook | 100 Delicious Recipes for the Camp Chef
    Author Kevin Callan & Margaret Howard
    Publisher Firefly Books; Illustrated edition (March 8, 2013)
    Language  English
    Format Paperwork
    Length 192 pages
    ISBN-10 1770851895
    ISBN-13 978-1770851894
    Item Weight 13.6 ounces
    Dimensions  6 x 0.56 x 8 inches

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