The Original Bug Shirt Youth


Color/Material: Cotton
Size: Small
Color: Natural
Sale price$57.95

Product Details

The Original Bug Shirt is available in two children’s sizes. They do not have the zippered pocket on the front but do have an adjustable cord at the back of the hood to allow for a variety of head sizes, as well as the double slider zipper at the top of the face mesh, just like the Elite Edition adult style.

The small child size is designed for average build kids between about 18 months and 4 or 5 years, and has a knit cuff at the wrist. The large child size is designed for average build kids between the ages of 4 or 5 and 8 or 9 years and has an adjustable elastic cord threaded through the fabric wrist band. See the sizing chart for more accurate sizing details. 

The cotton shirt option is available in the natural color, while the polyester is available in a sandstone color.


Size Chest/Hips Sleeve Length Height – up to: Kid’s Age
Small Child (SC) 22-26”
56-66 cm
43-51 cm
112 cm
18 months
to 4-5 years
Large Child (LC) 24-30”
61-76 cm
51-66 cm
147 cm
4-5 years
to 8-9 years

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