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Similar in concept to the Paddle Park, the U-Link Contact Tow is fully adjustable using a release buckle on one end while the other end clips into a loop to create the perfect foot stirrup for assisted paddle float rescues.
Made using two stainless steel keyhole-eye carabiners and webbing, it is an elegant and effective solution for: re-entry aid, contact tow, bridle tow yoke, hauling handle for one or more drybags, mooring to a dock, attaching two boats in parallel, rafting together multiple boats, leashing paddles during a rescue, and so much more. It attaches to deck lines or stores in a deck bag or pocket.

NEW Neoprene wrap provides this already elegant multi-tool a quick, simple and effective wrap to keep both you and the tool organized for when the time comes and you need it.



  • High Visibility Yellow Nylon Webbing
  • 2 x Small S.S Keyhole Carabiners
  • 1" Acetal Side-Squeeze Buckle
  • Adjustable length for easier re-entry
  • Nylon Webbing: 1" x 60"
  • Stirrup: 3/4" x 5" PVC
  • Weight: 167g


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