Color: Mango/Red
Size: X-Large
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The UnderDog puts the flotation under dog so that your canine's hind legs float below their chest, allowing a natural swim position. Traditional dog PFDs hold the majority of flotation on the back, holding the dog's body in an unnatural horizontal position, which leaves their neck tense and their head flirting uncomfortably with the waterline. With 90% of the flotation under dog, your pooch will float in a more natural doggie position, releasing the head and neck for a more relaxed swim for your pooch!


  • Split form body and durable Nylon and Cordura fabric.
  • Generous reflective trim highlights the collar, full side and top of the vest – areas that are exposed in the water, and shows up against car headlights in the parking lot of the take out.
  • The reinforced carry handles will support the full weight of a wet animal.
  • The carry handle in the collar doubles as a leash attachment point.
  • 4 adjustments points, and cool mesh ventilation across the back and adjustable mesh bridge between collar and body.
  • The underDOG is PATENT PENDING.

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XS Chest: 12”-18’ Weight: 2 - 12 lbs
S Chest: 18”-24” Weight: 12-24 lbs
M Chest: 24”-30” Weight: 24-60 lbs
L Chest: 27”-36” Weight: 60-90 lbs
XL Chest: 33”-44” Weight: 90-120 lbs

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