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The VOYAGER got a complete redesign for 2018 based on two years of feedback from the community of low angle paddlers. Lendals design team took this input and spent most of summer 2017 modeling and performing strength and fluid tests on several possible designs. They manufactured a variety of prototypes and handed them over to pro paddlers for extensive real-world testing in the late summer and fall. After several design iterations they had nothing left to critique. Then Lendal made the paddle and handed that out to several folks for a final round of input and asked them to paddle their hearts out. Their response was a baseball analogy, a walk off grand slam way over the stands in the bottom of the 9th. For you non-baseball folks, you will love the paddle. In their words, “The new VOYAGER has excellent purchase, is predictable in all strokes, encourages fluid transitions, and gives amazing control in every condition.” “Most importantly it left us smiling at the end of the day regardless of how many miles we paddled.” As one kayaker stated at the end of one of those long days, “[the VOYAGER] does everything so amazingly well, and effortlessly you almost forget you’re paddling.”

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