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Many paddlers love their wanigans for backcountry trips. Additionally, some like to bring a hard-sided cooler onto their trips. The Wanigan/Cooler Carrier Harness is the perfect way to make portaging a wanigan or cooler easier. The Wanigan/Cooler Carrier Harness is an adjustable set of webbing that can accommodate most of the common boxy wooden and plastic wanigan/cooler sizes. Two horizontal sections of 1 inch webbing along with two vertical sections of webbing encircle your wanigan or cooler securely through slip lock and tension lock buckles and daisy chain. The harness has four (4) built-in handles to make lifting/carrying easier as well as getting it in and out of your canoe. The vertical webbing sections have quick release buckles so you can get access into the wanigan/cooler fast and close it up, just as rapidly. Additionally, the vertical straps work to keep the lid closed on your wanigan/cooler. The most common way to portage a wanigan is by a tumpline. This harness includes the Super Tump, a wide and comfortable tumpline, as well as a unique foam back pad to bring comfort between your back and the hard side of the wanigan/cooler. Additionally, the wanigan/cooler includes modular shoulder straps. Shoulder straps on a wanigan are a truly unique feature.


  • Fits wanigans and coolers.
  • Back pad of reticulated foam (3/4”) over a layer of dense EVA foam (1/2”) means comfort for your back.
  • 4 hi-viz yellow handles. One on each side for easy handling.
  • Adjustable horizontal and vertical webbing straps enable fitting to many different sizes of wanigan or coolers.
  • Reinforcement on – handles, shoulder straps and tumpline connection points.
  • Includes: Super Tump & Modular Shoulder Straps.


Fits Box Shapes

  • Maximum Circumference Horizontally: 231cm / 91in
  • Maximum Circumference Vertically: 170cm / 67in
  • Minimum Circumference Horizontally: 152cm / 60in
  • Minimum Circumference Vertically: 122cm / 48in
  • Material: Nylon webbing
  • Weight: 0.46kg/ 1.0 lbs
  • Colours: Black with yellow handles

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