Welcoming Eddyline Kayaks to our growing selection!
Eddyline Kayaks has been an innovative force in the kayak world for decades. Tom Derrer's original designs were brilliant, and in 1999, Eddyline forged ahead into a new material, which at that point it was called Carbonlite 2000. I believe dropping the 2000 was a logical decision in 2001. 

Carbonlite* is an acrylic-capped ABS alloy that's light, still, and beautifully shiny. It's thermoformed into two pieces, a deck and a hull, and bonded together with an industrial adhesive that's akin to Superglue on steroids.

Eddyline was purchased from Tom and Lisa, the founders, and they paddled off into retirement. The new President, Scott Holley, has helped transform Eddyline, keeping the same tech and designs, but changing things on the back end, improving shipping and production. We're now in a position to add them to the fine brands we carry, and for the first time they could supply us!

We're pleased to have these fine kayaks back in the shop!

Good paddling!