Welcoming Melker Kayaks to our growing selection!
Four years ago, I was attending PADDLEexpo in Nürnberg, Germany, to see what cool new stuff was showing up on the European stage. Among the hundreds of exhibitors was a booth full of beautiful sea kayaks with wooden decks, with a small table in front of the booth. On that table was a 3D printer (the first one I ever saw) making a model of a kayak out of a wood and resin filament.
I chatted with the sales guy, and learned that they have developed resins and cloth that are made from organic materials. Wow. It became clear that this technology was brand new, and while I like the leading edge, I don't like the bleeding edge. I was curious. I stopped by the booth a few times during the show, drawn to the beauty as much as the way they're made. 

Fast forward to a few months ago, a guy called us up and Melker was coming into the US. The rep stopped by and showed us the kayaks, and they were just as pretty, but they had improved their tech significantly. We were now at the leading edge, and we pulled the trigger.

You are cordially invited to come see Melker Kayaks at the new store. See you soon!